At first glance, one might see Matt Noble as a man with an interesting collection of passions. From beekeeper to mushroom hunter to oil painter to farmer, the variety of hats he dons, sometimes all in the course of one day, provide plenty of fodder for fascination. Each labor is painstakingly undertaken with the heart of a true artisan, and its shows in the fruits thus produced.

But it is upon closer examination, with a more subtle eye, that one sees the most brilliant part of the design. Nothing stands alone. These projects are not a collection so much as pieces of a beautiful whole: an entire life composed as a thoughtful work of art. The mushroom mycelium benefits the honeybees and gardens that provide the honey, wax, and fruits that become sustenance, and then tangible art in the form of oil paintings, the creation of which renews the soul enabling the continuation of the physical labor that drives it all. It is in the space between all these pursuits, the space in which each project is seamlessly interwoven with the next in a veritable ecosystem as beautiful and complex as that which he strives to harmonize with, that Noble’s light shines brightest.

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If you are in the Omaha area and would like to enjoy some of the bounty of our gardens, please visit one of the fine establishments currently using our produce:

The Market House

The Boiler Room

Le Bouillion

Kitchen Table

The Grey Plume